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Jacuzzi Brands LLC, through its subsidiaries, is a global manufacturer and distributor of branded baths, hot tubs, pools, and saunas. JACUZZI is a federally registered trademark of Jacuzzi Inc. as of September 5, 1978.

Beverly an unsatisfied customer writes, "The sauna product is good. The experience with Jacuzzi who supplies them is not good! I was told it would take two weeks and it was three months later that it arrived damaged. It came with no warranty or user guide. I was told I could find them online but was provided no link. I still have nothing more than a verbal on the warranty. I have had a very frustrating time sorting out the initial site inspection, the electrical, the delivery, and the replacement of parts that were damaged. Resulting in time off work, lost income and I still have a damaged product. I have not been compensated for this experience after I was told that they would definitely do something. They now say they will not because they waived the electrical; however, the salesman told me electrical was included in the price and I have also found this to be true because it has been stated in their advertising."


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Marketing (Current Employee) says

"Don’t let the shiny brand and fancy offices fool you. This is a terrible place to work. Very clique-ey with little opportunity for outsiders. We have recently have aquired new investors and assigned new management which is long overdue. The antics that I have witnessed take place with upper level management are laughable and deplorable at the same time. Somehow they cash bonus checks every year regardless of results while I have not seen a single pay increase.Nice officeAwful management. No direction. Zero opportunity to advance."

Product Development Project Engineer (Former Employee) says

"People in Marketing or Product Management type jobs do very well here. If you work in Ops, Quality, Product Development or Engineering you will be blamed for everything and you will not learn anything. I'm sorry for the brand name, its a good one and it deserves better quality product. People in C-level positions are using the brand names to get rich thru bonuses, they set their sales revenue goals really low so that at the end of the year they can collect big!! Locusts!"

Lead, AGIP finisher (Former Employee) says

"Jacuzzi was a place where you could learn a new trade if need be but that was it. You had some family values about it but it was no work life balance and we was paid for the work we actually did compared to other buildings in the area."

Human Resources Assistant (Former Employee) says

"company underwent many changes and faces in 3 years. People were uncertain as to where they would be working from one day to the next. Lots of cuts and layoffs. Lots of movement and not sure what direction the company was moving in.Health Benefits were affordable and coverage was awesomejob security, compensation, growth opportunities"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"it was ta temporary job. for that it was ok. Its really been to long ago to remember what a typical day was like or how the management was. So this is not going to help."

Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Little hard to find your way , when u do it's a great place to work. Have to be very self driven and motivated. Very fast production line. Great to gain experience and knowledge for future references."

Human Resources Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"My assignment beganin the Finance Dept as a temp and was invited to accept a position in HR. The Director of Finance did most of his own work and there was very little for me to do. So I organized things and kept a neat environment. Since I was not required to stay at my desk, I would go to other departments (down the hall) asking if anyone needed assistance with anything at all. I am not a book reader when there is no work. The people in all departments were great, very friendly and surprised that I offered assistance.When hired by HR, I was the Administrative Assistant and worked on many projects in addition to the regular duties.great benefits, friendly environmentthe company was up for sale"

David Young says

"Such a shame but what an awful service... waited over 8 weeks for a visit, numerous photos sent and still turned up with wrong part. I have to do all the chasing no pro-active customer management and even when you do get through no one seems to have a clue whats going on... I thought I was buying the best product underpinned by great after sales the reality is something very different, this is the last Jacuzzi product I will buy or recommend again. Still waiting for an engineer to visit!!!"

Karen Dobbins says

"We paid for the jacuzzi name and have been extremely disappointed , we had a problem with the door latch, then an issue with the lights which required a new panel and an issue where the jacuzzi was tripping out the house electrics. Considering the jacuzzi was delivered last July and we have had to have the engineer out 3/4 times we are not impressed. We did complain to the shop where we purchased the jacuzzi over a month ago but have not received a response. The lack of customer service is appalling."

L Smith says

"I am still waiting for matching panels . It has now been 11 months and between you and Wensum hot tubs my calls / emails have gone unanswered. On going into the company they say you keep ordering wrong colour or that only 2 have arrived from Italy then it’s from America. I just want 4 matching panels minus the dent as this is not what I bought! The tub when purchased kept having faults and took many visits of being told nothing was wrong until a major fault was found but by that time I’d gone through new filters and 3 replacements of water plus chemicals at a huge cost to me . I would appreciate the panels being sorted now or come and collect the tub and reimburse my payment . This is not good customer service at all."

Dan Athol says

"Good hot tub, poor customer service."

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